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Related article: nereal it was never my lot to endure than listening, Voltaren Gel 1 as a sports- man, to the dull platitudes of a London auctioneer on the merits of Troy House, where, until a few weeks ago, rested the cradle of our fifth Voltaren Gel Coupon King Henry, and which has given a name to great races at Newmarket and Stock- bridge, and has been a rendezvous for sporting spirits for a couple of centuries or more. To hear Monmouth Castle, the birthplace of King Henry V., Emulgel Voltaren described as Voltaren Rapid 50 an adjunct to the Militia drill ground, and to see that noted domain of sport, the Buckholt, hanging fire, as a de- sirable wood of growing timber, which had all to be taken to at the vendor's valuation, was indeed a blotting out of old memories, and set me wondering as to what form the new order of things would take. If ever there was a name to swear Voltaren 1 Gel by in royal Monmouth it has been that of Beaufort, and probably nowhere else have the relics of feudal times so long sur- vived as in the unique Voltaren Cream Voltaren Emugel county of Monmouth. How could it be otherwise? Seeing what incom- parable old castles and domains were the proud possessions of the dukedom and its ancestors. Chepstow, Monmouth, Usk, Raglan, Skenfrith, Grosmont, White Castle and Wentwood are such grand ruins as no other county or dukedom can lay claim to, to say nothing of Tintern Abbey, the loveliest of its kind, Voltaren Ibuprofen nor to speak of the forests, which have made sport indigenous to Monmouthshire, the Voltaren Emulgel 1 chief of which are Wentwood and Chep- stow Park, embracing an area of several thousand acres. In richness of design and archi- tectural beauty, although not so ancient in its history, Raglan Castle stands in my humble judgment pre-eminent among the castles of England. It was here that Charles I. paid several visits, and a story has been handed down which to my thinking is splendidly characteristic of the family traditions of the Beauforts. And it is this. The king was ap- prehensive lest the stores of the Castle should be consumed by his suite, and empowered the then Marquis of Worcester to exact from the country such provisions as were necessary for his remune- ration, upon which the Marquis answered, •* I humbly thank your Majesty, but my castle would not long stand if it leaned upon the country : I had rather be brought to a morsel of bread than that any morsels of bread should be exacted from others." Is it to be wondered that the fair name of the Worcesters has come down to the present genera- tion crowned with a lasting popu- larity, and that its threatened loss casts the deepest shadow on all, from the highest to the lowest, in this still well-nigh feudal shire? Voltaren Buy The ancient history of Mon- mouth is bound up almost entirely with the Earls of Hereford Voltaren Gel and Pembroke (the latter still repre- sented in the county by the Herberts), as well as the Marquises of Worcester, Dukes of Beaufort, and the Lords of Abergavenny, and to these must be add^ Owain I90I.] MONMOUTHSHIRE. 325 Glyndwr, the great Welsh chief- tain, who for so long held his own amongst them. It is, however, only in the com- mon order of things that the Buy Cheap Voltaren old order should give way before the new, and thus we find a new Monmouth rising out of the ashes of its ancestry. For are we not to-day listening to the monotonous tones of the auctioneer in his Buy Voltaren Online inef- fectual endeavours to knock down these ancient and historic pro- perties in "the Rolls Hall," a fine assembly room, the gift of Lord Llangattock to the ancient borough, and does not his magni- ficent park encompass some 12,000 acres, including part of the famous White Hill, with its wilderness of woods and water, and its fine drives, and is not this new domain a grand adjunct to the county town, as if to replace the fading glories of the old regime ? Here, too, is the new model stud farm, sacred to the choicest Shire horses that money can purchase, and were it mine, whispers ** Borderer,** would not the finest herd of ponies luxuriate in semi- wildness through that grand extent of park in company with the deer ? and add to the pictur- esque beauties of the Hendre. In good truth, his native county has much to be grateful for to John Rolls, as I knew him Voltaren Gel Cost in school- fellow days, and now enjoying a well -deserved peerage. In sport he has always been a pioneer. For some time master of the hounds, a patron of all local races,, a great shooter, and a noble example in agriculture, he has ensured that at all events in his generation the new order of things in his county shall not deteriorate. As to hunting, Monmouthshire is in a somewhat unique position. Its county pack is supported en- tirely by its Hunt Club, which is excellently upheld, and is an ex- ample well worth following by other counties, boasting of greater fashion. With such men at its head as the late Duke of Beau- fort, the Marquis of Abergavenny and Lord Llangattock, it can hardly fail to be popular and strong, Voltaren 75 Mg while as to mastership there has Voltaren Sr not been within my recollection, and even during the past century, any occasion to go beyond its confines for a master whose position has been a leading one Cost Voltaren Gel among the county families. Major Stretton, of Brynderwyn, was ever a name to swear by, and he had a life-long tenancy of the position. Then came John Rolls, of whom we have already spoken, and after him Mr. Hanbury Wil- liams, a sportsman to the back- bone, one of whose honest boasts was that he had killed his cub in the morning, shot his ten brace of partridges before the afternoon had far advanced, and killed his salmon in the evening. He could make himself happy on the Great Skyrryd or Holy Mountain, on the Sugar Loaf, the White Hill, or the Graig, complacently listening to his pack chorusing along, and re- joicing in the encouraging cheers of Voltaren Gel Price his old huntsman Roberts, which gave no rest to those wild foxes. His mantle has fallen on Mr. Reginald Herbert, of Clytha, and on one more worthy it could not have alighted. Bom to sport, Reggy Herbert has Voltaren Emulgel Cream for the last forty years, both in the pigskin and out of it, had few superiors. We could fill many a page de- lightfully with his prowess. We can see him now steering old Stockinger, by Stockwell out of Lady Evelyn, by Don John, to victory round Chippenham field at Monmouth, and Voltaren Retard 75 the Dandy and